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The chart is your main conduit for viewing forecasts, and takes multiple parameters for viewing.

Time Filters

Start and end filters by date in the local browser timezone. By default, we filter for today's forecasts which means for DAM, you will need to adjust the end filter.


Vintages are a way for the user to see how a forecast value for a given interval in the future has changed during multiple runs of the model. They're very useful for models that run many times throughout the day or for DAM models that generate forecasts for the next two operating days.


A Day Ahead model that is run once daily for HE1 to HE24 for the next operating day will forecast one value for every interval, so there's no change in vintages.

When vintages are enabled, the user can mouse-over the line chart to see the runtime of the given vintage and the value that was forecast.


Enable backcasts when you want to compare a model's performance on out-of-sample data. If disabled, forecasts created from online mode will not be shown.


Online refers to forecasts created from a model running on a schedule. Offline refers to forecasts created for out-of-sample data when the model was trained.

Best Practices

  • We recommend selecting less than 3 weeks of data at any given time; any more and the performance of the chart will slow down
  • Enabling Vintages provides lots of context for model performance; some may perform well for the prompt hour but not as well for longer time horizons.