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The Grid page is where you can get your up-to-date forecasts for the rest of your analysis. It is intended to answer the questions "What is the most recent update on what's going to happen today and tomorrow?".


You will only be able to search forecasts to which you have access. If there are nodes you can't see, reach out to Enertel!

Begin by searching by price node, ISO, or data series. When you see an available target (like the 90H forecast for the RTLMP at North Hub), click on it to add the forecast to your selections. From there:

  • You can save it to your defaults by clicking the save button
  • You can view the latest forecasts for the selected targets by click the chart button

Whenever you come back to the Grid page, your saved defaults will be automatically selected, so all you have to do is click Show Forecasts to see the latest updates to your forecasts of interest.


If you want to download your forecasts for further analysis, you can either download them all to one .xlsx file, or download each chart individually.

Grid Objects

As of Winter 2024, the Grid Objects to which users have access include power plant siting, price nodes, and weather stations that are included in Enertel forecasts. Users can add them to the map by toggling each grouping.

If there are other locations you'd like visualized - just ask!